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Our 2020 outdoor harvest  “Hot Blonde” has a cirtusy, hoppy smell, and an amazing smooth taste when smoked or vaped. Also great for making soothing tea, our Hot Blonde hemp flower is potent in cbd and high in terpenes. Its dense buds are long cured and given a tight, hand trim for a great bag appeal. Sun grown in the midwest plains, with no pesticides. Planted on virgin soil used previously for horse and cattle grazing, and irrigated by an adjacent pond.

Strain – Hot Blonde (Berry Blossom x R5)

CBD – 20.9%

THC < 0.125%

Terpenes – 1.5% total

myrcene – associated with relaxing and pain relief effects

caryophyllene – known for helping with inflammation and mental health

humulene – hoppy terpene known as an appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory

limonene – mood enhancer


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